A portal for the CHRIS study

The CHRIS study is an ongoing longitudinal, population-based cohort study aimed at assessing molecular, environmental, and lifestyle contributions to human health through the involvement of participants from the general population of the Val Venosta/Vinschgau district (South Tyrol, Italy). Baseline biological, molecular, genetic, and health data and samples were collected between 2011 and 2018 from more than 13,000 participants aged 18 and over.

The CHRIS portal allows users to browse a description of the data and samples generated by the CHRIS study and to submit project proposals to conduct scientific research using these resources.

Access to CHRIS Portal

CHRIS Portal

The concept

The CHRIS portal is a dynamic infrastructure  financed by the European Regional Development Fund  with the aim of facilitating scientific research using CHRIS study data and samples.

New data generated by this research will then be returned to the CHRIS study, expanding the CHRIS resource available to the scientific community for further research projects. Because of this, scientists who conduct research using CHRIS data or samples can also be considered collaborators of the CHRIS study.

In this way, the CHRIS portal realizes the mission of the CHRIS study to maximize the collected resources and their use for the progress of biomedical science.