Available resourcesData and samples


The CHRIS resource includes data from over 13,000 participants. Data are divided into modules based on how they are collected during the study visit or derived from these original data or samples.

Interview and self-administered questionnaires:

responses on education level, occupational history, environmental exposures, smoking, alcohol use, nutrition, physical activity, mental health, chronic diseases, and other major health events.

Clinical traits:

height, weight, and body fat percentage, resting blood pressure and electrocardiograms measured at study center.

Biochemical traits:

selected blood and urine parameters.


ATC codes scanned at the study center from packaging of all medications taken by participants at the time of the study visit.


genotypes for all participants; whole exome sequencing for a sub-set of participants.

Neurological tests:

results from validated tests of cognitive function, olfaction, tremor, and pain sensitivity performed at the study center.


approximately180 metabolite concentrations for a subset of participants.

CHRIS Samples

The CHRIS biobank contains about one million biological samples from more than 13,000 participants. The samples are divided into the following aliquots of different types and sizes in order to maximize the use and quality of the samples by minimizing manipulation.


EDTA plasma

Citrate plasma

EDTA buffy coat RNA

Citrate buffy coat+DMSO

Citrate whole blood


Saliva for a subset of participants